Bona offers a comprehensive range of high quality care products for all kinds of floors, from cleaners and refreshers to mops and wet wipes.

General floor care tips

  • Use water sparingly to avoid swelling of the floor.
  • Do not use wax and “all-purpose” cleaners, since they dull the floor’s finish.
  • Do not let sand, dirt or grit build up. Vacuum or sweep your floors once every week. Place mats or rugs near doorways.
  • Use protective feet pads on furniture and chairs.
  • Trim your pet’s claws to help avoid scratches on the floor.

Step by step floor care guide

  • Vacuum the floor carefully.
  • When your floor is dirty, spray it with Bona Cleaner for wood or oiled floors or laminate flooring & tiles (products for laminate floors & tiles may also be used on vinyl and linoleum) to dissolve the dirt.
  • Wipe the floor clean using a Bona Cleaning Pad on your Bona Mop.
  • Rinse the pad in water as it becomes soiled and wring it thoroughly before continuing to clean. Excessively soiled pads may be laundered (at 60 degrees, without any softeners). For oiled floors, use Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors. Wipe the floor with the blue Bona Cleaning Pad.

If the floor looks dull, scratched or shows other signs of wear, there is an easy way to restore its beauty and sheen.

  • Vacuum the floor thoroughly. Clean it with Bona Cleaner for wood floors or laminate flooring & tiles, using a Bona Cleaning Pad on your Bona Mop.
  • Using a yellow Bona Applicator Pad, apply Bona Wood Floor Polish (GLOSS), Wood Floor Refresher or Tile & Laminate Polish. Let dry for at least 2 hours.
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