An evergreen in a new engagement. Whilst wall-to-wall carpeting has kind of fallen into oblivion when it comes to household applications (with the exception of e.g. children’s rooms or bedrooms), it is still praised in hotels, banks or offices. Solitary area rugs are especially trendy. You can choose among more expensive pieces made of pure virgin wool which are elastic, antistatic and resistant to dirt, or synthetic fabric carpets which are suitable for areas exposed to heavy wear and tear because they are not easy to damage or catch fire. The variety of colours, designs and textures is infinite. The carpets are kind to your feet but very comfortable to sit on as well. If you want to feel like sitting on a cloud, choose a deep soft pile alternative. Be careful: If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, it is better to avoid wall-to-wall carpeting which harbours dust.

Jasa also sells the most advanced cleaning zone mats that keep outdoor dirt and mess far from your interior floors.


  • A large selection of designs, colours and textures
  • Enhance room acoustics
  • Soft and warm beneath your feet
  • Wall-to-wall carpets prevent the whirling up of dust
  • Excellent insulation properties


  • A more demanding maintenance
  • Unsuitable for people suffering from allergies
  • They harbour dust or stuff like pets’ hairs
  • Not such a good resistance against stains
  • Shorter lifespan


Wall-to-wall carpet fitting is better left to a professional. Area rugs can be anchored by means of a gripper mat. If you are interested in this service, we can procure the installation as well as turnkey floor delivery.


You can use nano-impregnation on your carpet. Treated in this way, the carpet will not soak in spillages and stuff like chewing gum will not stick to it.


Get a quality vacuum cleaner that does not whirl up dust and have your carpets cleaned professionally by wet extraction from time to time. This will get you rid of dust, smells and mites as well.


Depending on quality, size etc.


„Area rugs make a great accessory to decorate any wood-pattern floor and give the room a peaceful feel."

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