Whilst cork may be generally perceived as lacking the hallmarks of presentability, it still makes an excellent type of flooring that celebrates a grand comeback in the third millennium. Which is no wonder. The bark of the cork oak from which cork is taken contains tiny air bubbles. This gives cork floors great insulation properties and makes them low noise producers which are amazingly warm and resilient. Suitable applications include flats, houses but even e.g. schools or bars. Moreover, innovative surface treatment technologies give them higher durability. The important part is choosing the right kind. Jasa offers high quality floating cork floors by Meister.


  • A soft, elastic, warm, quiet, and resilient material
  • Suitable for people suffering from allergies
  • The best covering to be enjoyed barefoot as it is beneficial to joints
  • A natural material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Great insulation properties


  • The selection is narrower
  • Requires frequent maintenance
  • Repairs of frequented areas
  • Most types of this flooring are not suitable for damp environments


If you are interested in this service, we can procure the installation as well as turnkey floor delivery.


Varnish can be applied even to surface-treated cork floors in order to enhance durability. Do not wait with spotty repairs on frequented areas until the varnish gets worn through to bare cork as the cork itself is very hard to repair.


Korek zameťte nebo vyluxujte a setřete vlhkým hadrem. Jednou týdně ho ošetřete speciálním přípravkem.


About CZK 700 to 1,200 per m².


“Avoid using cork flooring in bathrooms or saunas, for example.”

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