Right after its invention in the 1970s, the laminate floor climbed up to the top notches on popularity charts. This is mainly thanks to the price, but also the resistance, durability and low demands of laminate. At first sight, quality laminate parquet blocks are indistinguishable from their wooden counterparts. Decorative foils can imitate familiar or exotic kinds of wood in a variety of shades. They can also look like stone or tiling, but as far as laminating goes, even a photograph can be processed in this way. Don’t be afraid of combining various textures and colours to achieve a creative and unique floor based on your own ideas. The price of laminate floors is the higher the better their quality and load resistance.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • It is easy to replace damaged lamellas or disassemble the floor
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good resistance to formation of stains
  • A large selection of designs
  • Withstand heavier mechanical loads than wood
  • Are antistatic and non-flammable
  • Colourfastness
  • Lower acquisition costs


  • Featuring a wood fibre core, they cannot withstand damp (with few exceptions)
  • Their ability to absorb sound and dampen impact is poor (can be mitigated by a sound deadening floor plate)
  • A cooler and harder surface
  • Damaged lamellas cannot be restored, they need to be replaced
  • Aesthetically, they can never fully substitute wood


If you are interested in this service, we can procure the installation as well as turnkey floor delivery.


No application of polishing agents or waxes is necessary as the surface features a protective layer.


Dry cleaning and wiping with damp cloth or a special mop is a suitable method.


Ranging from about CZK 150 to 3,000 per m².


“Unleash your fantasy. Laminate offers an infinite amount of designs and colours. Create a wild jungle on the floor and walls of your children’s room, “sprinkle” spice-coloured parquets over your kitchen floor. Laminate is no more just a mere imitation of wood!”

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