Linoleum (which can be encountered in disguise under trade names like Marmoleum, Artoleum etc.) is not a kind of plastic! Quite the opposite, it’s composed of purely natural, environmentally friendly materials such as jute, flax oil, cork, wood flour or, for example, resin. The linoleum manufacturing technology has been basically the same for a hundred years; what had changed are the textures and the colour scale which has been significantly extended. You can choose even from a variety of designs and degrees of hardness and thickness. The distinguishing feature of linoleum is its beautiful marbling formed by two to five colours and also its response to light (exposed to which, the material slightly changes colour). Linoleum perfectly isolates warmth and sound and neither heels represent a problem, as doesn’t either furniture or cat’s claws; it does not harbour dust. Water, however, does not agree with it very well.


  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Standard household usage leaves the material fit for 25 – 40 years
  • Sanitary – antistatic, prevents proliferation of bacteria
  • The best flooring for people suffering from allergies
  • Excellent heat insulation properties
  • Easy ordinary maintenance
  • Excellent for underfloor heating


  • Higher acquisition costs
  • Requires careful and thorough preparation of the surface prior to installation


If you are interested in this service, we can procure the installation as well as turnkey floor delivery.


The manufacturing of linoleum involves application of a protective polymer top layer to enhance resistance to mechanical damage. If the surface gets e.g. burned by a cigarette, the stain can be removed by light sanding and applying the protective polymer layer again.


Linoleum is easy to maintain using a dust mop. Stains can be removed with ease by a damp cloth. Linoleum, however, requires regular polishing or waxing to keep its gloss. Try special branded cleaners by Bona.


From about CZK 600 to 2,000 per m²

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