Whilst getting a concrete floor for your flat or home may, at the first glance, seem an economic solution suitable when one is short of means, you will eventually realise that apart from looking great, polished concrete also works perfectly. In the past, concrete floors would be encountered mainly in industrial spaces, garage settings or administrative buildings. Lovers of pure industrial design today let concrete still more often flood the floors of their homes, too. A polished concrete floor is a lifelong, faithful and almost non-ageing companion. It works best with spacious rooms featuring large windows and straight lines. Also combination with metal and glass underlines its beauty. Jasa polishes concrete surfaces using a diamond-based grinding technique called TERCO (an American system with a tradition going back to 1937), maximising their excellent and unique qualities. Floors can be infused with pigments of various colours, too, provided with a logo or polished to ultra-high sheen. It is possible to deliver a brand new floor or revitalize the existing one.


  • Highly resistant to mechanical and chemical damage
  • Dustless
  • Antistatic
  • Simple maintenance
  • Minimum repairs
  • Allows pigmentation
  • Attractive, industrial look
  • Various grades of sheen
  • Won’t suffer from bike tyre marks
  • An attractive appearance similar to marble or terazzo
  • Relatively cheap


  • Low elasticity (in interior applications)
  • Cool surface (in interior applications)
  • A noise transmitter


If you are interested in this service, we can procure the installation as well as turnkey floor delivery.


Not necessary. The polishing makes for sufficient protection. In addition, concrete has no surface layer that might get damaged or rubbed off.


Sweep or vacuum the floor, removing any stains with a damp cloth. Also try a cleaner by Dr. Schulz.


About CZK 500 to 2,000 per m². The price depends of the required degree of gloss and the desired staining.

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