Classic, graceful, elegant. A wooden floor gives a feeling of connectedness to nature and is pleasantly warm and tasteful in all circumstances; it exudes an outright invitation to walk around barefoot. You can decide whether you prefer solid or multi-layer flooring, you can even choose among various types of constructions and laying techniques. A wooden floor gives the room a cosy atmosphere, which is why you will appreciate it most in your living room or bedroom, whilst it would be a less suitable solution in rooms exposed to heavy loads or traffic as the surface is prone to damage. On the other hand, the floor can be repeatedly sanded and varnished. A wooden floor, though, can be installed even in your bathroom, if that is what you desire. All you need to do is invest in higher density wood which is more resistant to damp and protect the surface with oil or a water-resistant varnish. Exotic kinds of wood naturally resistant to damp and aggressive influences are especially beautiful and durable.


  • They look good in any interior
  • They induce a warm, pleasing feel
  • Every floor is unique
  • They can be used across generations as many repeated renovations are possible
  • They can be given various colours and toned with coloured oils
  • There is any amount of patterns and kinds of wood to choose from
  • A natural material
  • Absorb and deaden noise or impact (much better than e.g. a floating laminate floor)
  • Have decent elasticity (protect your feet when walking across the floor)


  • The installation is more time-consuming and more laborious (faster in case of multi-layer floors)
  • Fluctuations in humidity and temperature do not agree with wooden floors
  • They are prone to mechanical damage (heels, claws, toys, sand etc.) and require sensitive care
  • A sound deadening underlayment must be kept in mind as well if you want to install a multi-layer wooden floor
  • Price


The ambient temperature during installation should be similar to the temperature the floor will be exposed to whilst in use. The slabs need at least two days for temperature acclimation. If you are interested in this service, we can procure the installation as well as turnkey floor delivery.


Prevent contact with sand as its effect is similar to that of sandpaper. Vacuum or sweep the floor on a regular basis. When scratches or damage happen to the surface, the entire room area can be sanded and varnished again. You may also use oils and waxes to protect the surface as they get absorbed by the wood which will keep its natural matte appearance. It is necessary, though, to oil the floor from time to time.


Do not use wax, oil-based soap or other cleaners on a varnished wooden floor. Also avoid using excessive amount of water! Try for example a special branded cleaning system for wooden floors by Bona.


From about CZK 500 to 3,000 per m². (Some exotic pieces may amount up to CZK 7,000 per m², depending on the type of the floor and the wood.) The price also depends on the layout – board, parquet blocks, lamellas, parquets etc.


„We newly offer unique wooden Princ Parket floors. This is a Czech product sourced from local forests. We make bespoke floors (taking into account the technical possibilities), custom-made exactly according to your requirements and expectations. A solution that is friendly to the environment as well as to your wallet, with just one difference – a luxury outcome.“

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