Carboplate are pultrused carbon fibre plates pre-impregnated in epoxy resin, used to reinforce (apart from others) reinforced concrete and steel structures.

Thanks to its tensile strength, endurance and flexibility, Carboplate can replace conventional steel sheets used for plating. The system is available in different widths and with three modules of elasticity.

Thanks to its light weight and reduced thickness, Carboplate can be applied without special machinery or equipment in a very short time. Unlike the plating methods using metal plates, Carboplate products do not require temporary reinforcements during placing and remove the risk of corrosion of the applied reinforcement.


  • Repairing and reinforcing reinforced concrete structures damaged by age and natural causes
  • Anti-seismic strengthening of structures built on earthquake zones
  • Repairs and upgrade of beams for flexural strengthening
  • Overall repair of structures damaged by fire
  • Repair of structures damaged by earthquakes
  • Restoration of bi-dimensional structures, such as plates, slabs, small vaults and tanks with high bending radius
  • Viaduct slabs reinforce performed after an increase of permissible static or dynamic loads
  • Reinforce of industrial or commercial structures increasing their static load capacity for the installation of new technology and equipment
  • Reinforce of car par decks in residential and industrial buildings
  • Reinforce of structures exposed to vibration
  • Anti-seismic strengthening of vaulted structures without the need to increase the seismic masses and without the risk of liquid percolation through the internal surface of the vault
  • Reinforcement of load bearing elements in buildings that have been restructured for architectural reasons or change of use
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