Epoxy and polyurethane screeds and coatings enhance the mechanical and chemical resistance of (not only) industrial floors. Various designer screeds appear still more frequently in homes and commercial spaces, too.

Depending on the level of traffic and loads, you can choose from thin-layer coatings to thick screeds. Suitable applications include finishes in parking buildings, industrial halls and shop floors, warehouses, swimming pools, garages or offices, but will make an excellent service also in your home’s living room.

Their perfectly smooth, glossy and highly durable surface and fabulous trendy industrial design is still gaining in popularity. They are pleasant to touch and provide excellent insulation. Moreover, they acquire various qualities depending on the kind of resin used. For example, they may boost a skidproof finish achieved by adding silica particles; by mixing in antistatic fibres, you get a floor with antistatic qualities. We can also shade floors in all possible ways, conjuring up unique, attractive colourful patterns.

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