Hydrophobization is a water-repellent layer also called impregnation or preservation.

The hydrophobizing agent permeates the concrete surface, forming a thin layer that repels water, whilst allowing good air and steam permeability. Hydrophobization changes the physical-chemical characteristics of the given material. The water on the surface of a hydrophobized material then forms tiny droplets which won’t get absorbed by the layer underneath. Reinforced concrete treatment prevents damage to the surface as well as development of corrosion in the rebars.

Jasa uses high-quality materials by CPD to provide protection to concrete structures. We will treat your structure to complex care – from economic, deep penetration coatings of lithium and colloidal silicate solution to the hardening and surface-sealing of treated concrete. We also offer polishing of concrete and concrete floors using diamond-based equipment.

The lifespan of the hydrophobizing work depends on the type and quality of the material used and usually amounts to dozens of years.

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