As today is the heyday of reconstruction works, great attention needs to be devoted to rehabilitation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures which contribute to the overall lifespan of structures and buildings as well as having a significant impact on the total cost of restoring the functionality of buildings.

There are several causes behind the troubles with concrete and reinforced concrete structures, such as violations of technological discipline during the construction works, the effect of air humidity, carbon or sulphur dioxides or other oxides, aggressive action of de-icing salts and the subsequent corrosion of the reinforce, frost damage to the concrete, overloading or, for example, physical and mechanical damage caused in various accidents.

Moreover, the damage-causing factors often combine. To decide how to approach the rehabilitation of a degraded structure, we need to investigate thoroughly the source of the damage, establish its extent and, last not least, take into account the future purpose for which the construction is to be used.

Jasa uses a proven rehabilitation system for concrete and reinforced concrete structures by Mapei who also thoroughly trained our staff.

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